A very beautiful phase of time in our human history where we are in this century.  The limitless existence of unconditional love and capacity of communication beyond the known what we are all experiencing here whether we are aware of this process or not. 

In this, the boundaries of traditions are opening up on their own time and speed and as a result we are gradually getting closer to each other on a global scale and in this process borders of countries, traditions, belief systems are getting thinner and thinner every day. /Those borders that would separate us for so long./ We more and more recognize that we are old friends and are one with everything that exists.

Sounds and silence are with me throughout all times and space. These are my main inspirations and motivations for keeping the frequency of love on the right level within me. Through digging down to the subconscious, I carefully create a certain energy field whom the images I make are being born. Therefore all of my works have connection to spirit and to that invisible higher frequency world.

We are here to find our own voice, of who we really are and to find harmony in every aspect of our life.


Art and Design - KCC, London /Btec 

Digital Media Production - LCC, London /FdA 

 Music -University SzI Gyor Hungary /Ba 

Fashion Design - Esmod IFG, Paris /Ce   


 Art Expo - New York 2017

 'The Big Picture' Pro Art Dubai 2015

 'Art Creatives' Art Sawa Dubai 2015 

 The Mine Dubai 2014   

 Berekai Art Gallery Budapest 2014

 Kaptar Budapest 2014

 Paloma Budapest 2014  

 M.M. Budapest 2012  

 BMK BP 2011, 2009  

 CFT Valencia 2010  

 Darb Cairo 2009, 2008


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